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Not Enough Items (NEI) 1.7.10 - How to Use the Most Powerful Minecraft Mod

Input where NEI Addons Mod you have just downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods NEI Addons Mod folder.When you open Minecraft, you see the mod is installed when click the button mods

The CodeChickenCore mod automatically downloads extra mods if it finds a mod file containing a file when the modpack starts. It will skip the download if the requested mod is already present and is the same version or a newer version. CodeChickenCore uses this feature itself to download the CodeChickenLib mod.

download nei 1.7 10

When I heard that you could look up recipes and cheat items with Not Enough Items, I downloaded NEI. It worked, and then I got another mod and the all of a sudden NEI still worked, but it was locked in recipe mode only. I tried fixing it by putting it into cheat mode again, but it was still in recipe mode.

I knew the only reason this happened was probably because of a change in the mod. Then I was watching a YouTuber who had the same exact mod as me and NEI was working and not locked in recipe mode for him. I tried redownloading NEI and getting it again but I was still stuck in recipe mode.

This is a config option to lock NEI in Recipe Mode only. It's designed for people (like me) who want to commit to a Survival game, but can't help themselves when it's so easy to cheat in items. This option is on by default when you download NEI.

For most players there are not actually huge differences between different Minecraft versions (OK, some have rabbits and llamas and more underwater stuff, and some don't... !) All the different Minecraft (Java Edition) versions are free to download, for anyone who already bought the game on a PC or a Mac ... if you've been playing Minecraft on the same computer for a few years you probably already have them. There's no problem with having more than one Minecraft version on your computer: the Minecraft launcher lets you choose between all the different Minecraft versions you have.

This table shows the minimum version requirements of the other things you need for Galacticraft, with official download links for each element - any later version of Forge (within the same Minecraft version) should also work, we recommend you use the "latest" or the "recommended" versions of Forge shown on the linked download pages. On servers, for Sponge version requirements see here.

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On our official Downloads page, find the Galacticraft version you want to play. This is organised according to different Minecraft versions, and also different Galacticraft builds are listed, because we do update the Galacticraft build from time to time to add new features or to fix bugs. (Please do not download our mod from unauthorised sites like 9minecraft.) (Do not look for the Developer builds, those are only for use by other mod programmers!)

Before moving on, please check carefully that the downloads of all three files completed. If your internet connection is slow, or you are downloading other stuff at the same time, then a Galacticraft download might need a minute or two to complete!

Move the three Galacticraft files you just downloaded into your .minecraft/mods folder. (Don't have a /mods folder in .minecraft? See #Installing_Forge. Don't know how to find the .minecraft folder on a PC or on a Mac? See here)

(One more thing: your computer needs to be connected to the internet, the first time you run Galacticraft. That's because it needs to be able to automatically download one more file, commons-codec-1.9.jar.)

Find the /mods folder for that modpack (it may not be in the normal .minecraft/mods location - if you used a different launcher like the Technic Launcher, look for the .technic folder). Add the three Galacticraft .jar files you downloaded to that /mods folder, and now you can have Galacticraft in the modpack.

Galacticraft 3 is for Minecraft 1.7.10, but actually it also works with Minecraft 1.7.2, we made it for both! Really old laptop PCs have Intel internal graphics which cannot support Minecraft 1.7.10, so those PCs can't use any Minecraft version later than 1.7.2. The Galacticraft 3 download files marked for "1.7.10" also work in Minecraft 1.7.2, isn't that smart?

Towards the end of the Downloads page are some versions of Galacticraft 2, which was for Minecraft 1.6.4. That's older, but some great modpacks (for example Attack of the B Team) are still using it. If playing those older packs, we recommend that you use the Latest version of Galacticraft 2 - so download the modpack, and then in its /mods folder (which may be somewhere in the .technic folder if you use the Technic launcher) replace the three Galacticraft files with the latest ones which you can download from our page. It fixes a few bugs and should give you a smoother game.

These are very early versions of Galacticraft. For each game version, we offer the final Galacticraft version on our download page. Some people may have older versions from elsewhere, they are also included in some venerable modpacks such as Tekkit Lite and Voltz. If you have a Technic modpack, use the Technic launcher to download and the launch the modpack. If you don't:

Often your web browser has a Downloads menu which will open up a list of recent downloads and you can check there whether the downloads are completed yet. (In Firefox it's under the Tools menu.)

If you found the downloads in your browser, you can right-click the individual downloads and choose 'Open Containing Folder' to see the folder where the download files are at. (This may work slightly differently in Chrome or other browsers.) If you still can't find them, maybe ask a friend or family member to help you?

Download the Minecraft version you want from an official source if you don't have it already. (The Minecraft launcher, under Edit Profile, Use Version, should have a list of all the Minecraft versions available on your installation.) If you don't have it, recently Mojang's main Minecraft download page is only linking to the latest Minecraft versions, but Mojang also makes all the older Minecraft versions available on its official (Amazon-backed) download server. [Download link for the official 1.12.2 version] For earlier versions, we have given links to the official Mojang download server in our table at the top of this article. Check every download link carefully: as long as it's coming from that should be from the official source.

Now install Forge. (If you are already playing modded Minecraft, most likely you already did that, so why are you reading this?) It's pretty easy because Forge has an installer you can download - Forge Download page for 1.12.2. Forge has many versions, even after you chose the Minecraft version. Usually there are only very small differences between different Forge versions. The Recommended version is usually best. Galacticraft 4 is happy with any version of Forge as long as final number is the same or later than the required version listed in the table at the top of this guide. Other mods you are playing may have more specific Forge version requirements so you can check that. If you plan to play on a server with other people, it would be an idea to ask the server owner which exact Forge version the server uses, and use the same.

Download the Forge installer for Windows - the 'Installer-win' version. Find the downloaded file, and run it. When you run the Forge installer, it should present you with a short menu with three choices: select 'Install client' and then hit Install. Problems? See Forge official guide.

When you relaunch the Creative Cloud desktop app, you'll be prompted to update it. If you do not relaunch the app, you'll get an update notification in 24 hours. Click Update to download and install the latest version, and then relaunch the app.


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