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Where To Buy Inexpensive Desks

Many desks are height-adjustable, meaning you can switch between standing and sitting throughout the day with the push of a button, turn of a hand crank or by adjusting the table legs. Other desks have collapsible tabletops, allowing you to add more surface space if your project gets messy with papers and stationery. Small kids desks are designed to inspire creativity and help with homework, while storage desks with drawers make organizing a breeze.

where to buy inexpensive desks


The standard height for a computer desk is between 28-30 inches, with some desks falling below and above this range to accommodate all heights. Of course, that gets easier with IKEA desks with adjustable height that can be paired with adjustable height desk chairs.

This desk runs on the smaller or larger end of the spectrum, making it a great pick for home offices. It comes in two lovely black and wood vintage finishes, and it has sufficient space for a computer monitor, laptop and other office supplies. Our analysts love how there are two shelves where you can place a printer, computer tower, speakers or other gadgets.

If you hate putting together furniture or aren't great with tools, this cheap computer desk requires absolutely no assembly and is foldable so you can put it away when guests come over. Though our experts haven't tried it out yet, we like how this multifunctional desk can be used as a computer desk, a makeup table, a breakfast table or anything else, thanks to its traditional and versatile design. It comes in several colors, though if you want a larger desk you'll have to look elsewhere.

You should note that the cost of standing desks has gone up almost everywhere in the market ever since the pandemic with the increasing costs of raw materials and shipping globally, so there are fewer options than there used to be in this price range.

Ultra Premium (over $1,100) standing desks should offer the best desk you can buy. In this price range you should expect stunning finishes and premium quality components. Go to Ultra Premium standing desks roundup.

Premium (under $1,100) standing desks require a bigger investment, but are feature-loaded, usually feature better build quality and warranties, and are sure to match the décor of the executive suite. Go to Premium standing desks roundup.

Value (under $800) standing desks offer good feature sets and specifications without costing as much as the premium adjustable height desk offerings. This tier is typically where you find your best value for the dollar. Go to Value standing desks roundup.

Budget (under $400) standing desks have been optimized for cost-savings. They have generally lower, though not necessarily poor, performance specs, and come with the smallest price points and shortest warranties.

Are standing desks overrated? As with most questions, that depends on context. We know that sitting for long periods of time is terrible for you. We also know most people have to work (often at a computer) for long periods of time. How do you reconcile these two facts? You stand while working.

We have not included any manual sit-stand desks in this round-up because they represent less than 2% of the US market at this point; the electric sit-stand desk has won the game, and at this point, there are numerous electric desks that are less expensive and far more reliable than the few sit-stand crank desks still on the market.

As you might expect the cheapest standing desks most commonly emanate from China. Learn more about the differences in quality, durability and performance you can expect from Chinese-made Standing Desks versus Made-in-USA.

This Northread adjustable-height desk is a low-cost addition to the available compact standing desk and those with quick installations (relative to other commodity-grade standing desks in this price range). It does have some nice features, like the extra power ports built into the controller and pencil drawer. On the other hand, the manufacturing quality is quite low, resulting in short warranties, open gaps to the inner mechanics, misaligned parts, and shaky stability. However, that is basically what you will get when paying that little for a product you are going to use almost every day.

The FlexiSpot Willow starts at $339.99 and comes with a solid wood top, which is quite cheap for a standing desk in solid wood. Though this translates to lower quality construction than competitor desks in solid wood. The collection ranges from super weak lifting capacity and a bit stronger with two motors. Several kinds of controllers let you choose from super simple to one with a bit more control.

Starting at just over $200, the E1 is an entry into the bottom-tier of the market for standing desks. The specs are generally unimpressive, as you would expect for this price, but there are many different desktop options.

The Vorii StellarDesk Standing Desk is a budget option from Vorii that is on the super affordable end of the spectrum of standing desks. At this price, it only offers the most basic of specifications and a tiny 5-year warranty. Though some available accessories can help in the organization and convenience of your workstation.

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These 21 affordable and stylish desks will go perfectly into any decor. These options for affordable desks look perfect in any decor style! Perfect for creating a home office on a budget. Which one will you choose?

We've evaluated 10 of the best study desks currently on the market to help you decide which one to buy. We're talking budget-friendly desk choices for college students to help get you through the school days. Read along to discover all about the different shapes, features, and storage that these modern-day desks have in store.

If you're low on space and in need of something a little bit more versatile or adjustable, folding desks are our best recommendation! They allow you to easily set up and your table whenever needed. They come with a latch to hold the table securely in place whilst both in and out of use to ensure that it is stable.

Not only is this one of the best desks for college students, but it's also the perfect transitional desk that'll see you well into your working years after college life. It's 66.14 x 49.21 x 29.13 inches which means that you have all the working space in the world.

Kick your boring desk to the curb and get ready to welcome your newest working companion. Not only do our options provide a vast work surface, but they ensure a stable work surface too! From desks with a beautiful wood finish to brightly colored options, you can something that suits you best.

Standing desks vary greatly in price. If you're interested in investing in a standing desk, make sure to choose a high-quality option that not only has your desired features but is also within your budget.

Let's face it, there's often no way around spending extended time at our desks. Fortunately, there are ways to stay on your deadlines while still avoiding the negative effects of sitting. Whether you've been looking for a more ergonomic workstation setup or just want to try something new, the best affordable standing desks can be a major benefit to your health.

It's no secret that sitting isn't great for your health. Sedentary lifestyles have been linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and a shorter life span1. On the bright side, using a standing desk helps reduce these risks and can even positively affect your mood and energy levels and help reduce upper back and neck pain2. Using a standing desk has also been linked to increased productivity. A recent study even showed standing desks to have positive effects on blood sugar3.

Choosing the right standing desk may be especially beneficial to those who suffer from back pain, as standing desks can help alleviate pain associated with sitting for long periods4. "Standing desks help to reduce compression in the lumbar spine because sitting has more compression than standing," points out Karena Wu, P.T., DPT, and owner of ActiveCare Physical Therapy. She adds that using a standing desk can increase heart rate, circulation, and energy levels, as standing requires more energy than sitting.

When deciding on the right standing desk for you, Lalitha McSorley, CPT and lead physical therapist at Brentwood Physiotherapy, shares that you must first take into consideration important factors, such as adjustability and ergonomic design. "Adjustability is especially key, as the user will need to be able to set the height of their desk in order for it to be comfortable and healthy for them," she explains. Because of this, she advises looking for desks with multiple levels of adjustment that can accommodate a range of heights and body types.

Spending long periods sitting slumped over in front of a screen on your existing desk? Kiss your posture goodbye, and prepare yourself for stiffness, tightness, and pain. Standing desks combat all this by encouraging better posture while keeping your legs and core engaged throughout the day.

The below picks are a combination of the best-rated standing desks and standing desk converters and some models we have tested internally. We picked these models by assessing how easy they are to set up and use, the weight size limitations to ensure they fit into most at-home office spaces and any other additional features like motorised adjustments, extra storage options and material used.

UK-based Flomotion has a wide range of standing desks, but it's their Sisu desk with a reclaimed wood worktop that stands out in our eyes. You can mix and match two-leg designs with a variety of wooden surfaces that are available in a range of finish options, including hardwax oil or matt lacquer finishes. There are plenty of customisation options to fit your needs too, with optional under-desk drawers for storage, and castor wheels for manoeuvrability. With a strong 160kg lifting capacity, it's built like a tank too. From 825. At 041b061a72


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