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[S3E7] Villains

Kheng Hua Tan, Jon Prasida, Eddie Liu, Vanessa Kai, Yvonne Chapman and JB Tadena also star. Joe Menendez directed the episode written by John Bring (#307). Original airdate 11/16/2022. Every episode of KUNG FU will be available to stream on The CW App and the day after broadcast for free and without a subscription, log-in or authentication required. s03e07 307 3.07 s3e7

[S3E7] Villains

Shoji, Midoriya, and Todoroki catch up to Compress and the rest of the villains. In the ensuing battle, they are able to rescue Tokoyami with some last-minute help from Aoyama, but the villains are able to get away with Bakugo. Because of Bakugo's kidnapping and the injuries sustained by many students (including Jiro and Hagakure, who are still unconscious due to Mustard's gas), the summer camp ends abruptly. U.A. faces backlash as a result and considers its next course of action. Present Mic posits that there is a mole within the school's ranks.

  • The Bad Guy Wins: The villains manage to kidnap Bakugo despite the students' and pro heroes' best efforts.

  • Bond Villain Stupidity: Compress could have gotten away with taking both Bakugo and Tokayami if he didn't stick around to start bragging how he outwitted the other students. Thanks to Aoyama, his team has to make due with Bakugo, their main target.

  • Call-Back: Iida remembers Manual's words to him in the Hosu hospital following the fight with Stain when Todoroki and Kirishima bring up the possibility of a rescue mission.

  • Complaining About Rescues They Don't Like: Played with for Bakugo. He hates wanting to be rescued since last episode, but telling Midoriya to "stay back" could be more of a sign that he doesn't want to endanger Deku for his sake.

  • Cowardly Lion: Aoyama was unable to act against Dabi and Twice earlier, but lends crucial assistance when retrieving Tokoyami from Compress.

  • Desperate Object Catch: Todoroki and Shoji make desperate leaps towards the marbles containing Bakugo and Tokoyami respectively. Shoji is able to rescue Tokoyami, but Dabi grabs Bakugo's marble just before Todoroki can.

  • Foreshadowing: When Todoroki tries to grab Bakugo, Dabi intervenes and then taunts him, by using his full name. It is revealed several arcs later, that Dabi has a personal connection to the Todoroki family: he is Shoto's older brother Toya, who is believed to be dead.

  • Aoyama being a Cowardly Lion is a subtle foreshadowing of the fact that he is the UA traitor and it is because of him that the villains knew where the students would be.

  • To further ensure the safety of UA's student body, Nezu proposes a system to keep them safe and at the same time look out for any future leaks.

  • From Bad to Worse: Principal Nezu suggests that Bakugo was targeted because the League of Villain want him in their ranks. Having a student do so would be the worst case scenario, spelling the end of UA.

  • The Mole: The subject of a possible traitor in the school is brought to light as the faculty discusses how the villains obtained classified intel about the Hero Classes' camping trip. Since the Pussycats and the faculty are the only ones to have knowledge of the location, Mic suspects that someone in the staff or even the student body has been leaking information under their nose. Snipe warns to take caution as such allegations are serious and he and Nezu believe that anyone in the meeting room might have done it without knowing, even them.

  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain: Had the Nomu and Kurogiri not cornered Midoriya, Shoji and Todoroki and had Mr. Compress not paused to gloat about his true plan, they would've allowed Compress to escape with both Tokoyami and Bakugo. Thanks to their interference and Mr. Compress' overconfidence, they managed to rescue Tokoyami, at least.

  • Pyrrhic Victory: While no one dies, both UA and the League of Villains suffer heavy losses following their battle. UA survives the Vanguard Action Squad's attack. However, most of Class 1B and a few of 1A are hospitalized. The school itself faces scrutiny the next day by the media and families for having Bakugo, one of the students, kidnapped and the rest attacked on the faculty's watch. And since Bakugo was the main reason the VAS showed up in the first place, this wasn't much of a victory for UA at all.

  • The League of Villains capture Bakugo, but loses Muscular, Mustard, and Moonfish, three of the VAS's most dangerous villains, in the process. While they also had an interest in capturing Tokoyami, losing him was nothing more than a missed bonus.

  • Skyward Scream: Deku, after a moment of shock from failing to get to Bakugo before he and the villains are warped away, lets one out in despair.

  • Survivor's Guilt: Out of everyone in Class 1-A, Deku, Kirishima, and Todoroki feel this the most from having not been able to save Bakugo.

  • Tracking Device: The Nomu wound up chasing Yaoyorozu and Awase. When it is called back, Yaoyorozu realizes they have the exact powersets needed to create and attach a tracking chip to it before the brute retreats. Yaoyorozu is later able to create a device that receives the signal, which the police use in their rescue plan.

  • Wham Line: Dabi drops this while preventing Todoroki from getting Bakugo. What's interesting is that of all the U.A. students, he specifically calls him out.Dabi: Well isn't this a tragedy. Poor, little Shoto Todoroki.

  • Your Size May Vary: Dabi appears to be One Head Taller than Bakugo (as seen in the picture above). Canonically, Dabi at 176cm (5'9") is only slightly taller than Bakugo, who is 172cm (5'7").

Compress pulls himself out of his Quirk and then goes to hand over Bakugo to Dabi, only for Shouji to reveal that he snatched them from his pocket when he tackled him. Or so he thought until Compress reveals it was a sleight of hand and that he kept the real marbles in his mouth like a snake as the villains escape.

In the first season, and indeed the second, there was a clear line between heroes and villains, with Sylar becoming pantomime-like in his role as nemesis, but with season 3, Kring has employed these opposites to explore the complexity of our cast of heroes, using each partnership to blur the lines between hero and villain, right or wrong, good or bad.

In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #8, Lightning Dust appears on cover A and page 16, in both appearances behind Princess Luna and multiple other characters in Ponyville. On My Little Pony Micro-Series Issue #7 page 19, Lightning Dust appears at the Ponyville Flea Market. She also appears in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #34 being recruited by Radiant Hope to attack the Crystal Empire. During the attack, she antagonizes Rainbow Dash and Rarity with water balloons, but she is eventually captured. King Sombra frees her in Issue #35, and she and the other recruited villains defeat the Mane Six, but she harbors second thoughts about her actions by Issue #36.

Thankfully, the firetrucks and emergency services arrive soon after, with fifteen students injured from the poison gas. Some sustained injuries with one having been kidnapped. Of the pro heroes, Pixie-Bob is in critical condition while Ragdoll is missing. Three villains were arrested at the scene. The training camp ended in the worst possible way.

While Midoriya will demand the release of Kacchan and Tokoyami, the villains will not give in to his demands. This will result in the inevitable clash between the two forces. Due to his weakened state after his fight with Muscular, Midoriya could be at a disadvantage because he is not yet at his peak fighting condition. In fact, the brief preview shows him lying on the ground and about to be stabbed with a knife.

Happy Valentine's Day! Wait, what? Oh it's November, nevermind. Tonight's episode of Arrow was a bit of a one-off episode that introduced the obsessed archer character Carrie Cutter, aka Cupid (Amy Gumenick). Though she was the night's main antagonist, she was in good company with a plentiful amount of DC Easter eggs for fans to spot, everything from nods to somewhat obscure locations, to potential future villains, all the way up to a big reveal of a newly introduced villain to the show, right at the episode's close. Though "Draw Back Your Bow" didn't leave us with any massive cliffhangers as we await the Arrow/The Flash crossover, it did a nice job of pleasing fans of the show's comicbook origins and its relationships of ever-increasing drama.

Just after the Episode 6 ends, Izuku manages to hit the Magician with the human bullet formation just to save Bakugo and Tokoyami but unfortunately, they encounter 3 more villains. While back at the safe camp place (where students are gathering) from which Aizawa left is attacked by another clone of Dabi.

While Aizawa gets back to the place and manages to beat that new clone. At the fight scene, Shouji manages to capture the pills in which Bakugo and Tokoyami were kept but they were actually a dummy, though at the last Izuku and friends are able to get only Tokoyami back and Bakugo gets captured in the Warp through which all the remaining villains escape this scene.

Out of six professional heroes 1 gets severely injured on the head. Villains side also ha ave great loss with 3 villains being arrested. This scene ends with a meeting of Pro Heroes in the U.A School. Izuku wakes up in the hospital. 041b061a72


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