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Some of the chemical properties of hazardous elements vary widely, depending on the charge and the degree of hydration, making it hard to explain the toxicity of various chemicals based on one single property such as, for example, solubility, diffusivity, and the solubility parameters which predict the kinetics of diffusion of hazardous elements in soils [ 1 ]. However, variation in the nonvolatile organic matter (NOM) content is most likely to explain variation in the toxicity of different organic contaminants [ 15, 78 ]. Excess NOM has been associated with a greater biological availability of organic contaminants, including alkylphenol, which may contribute to developmental and reproductive toxicity in amphibians [ 4, 79 ]. NOM is the major contributor to extractable organic matter (EOM) content of lakes and rivers. Components of NOM include carbohydrates (glycine and glucose), proteins, humic substances, tannins, and lignin [ 78 ]. Soils with low NOM levels are more prone to contamination with organic compounds, and are expected to have a lesser toxicity of such compounds to plants and animals than soils with higher NOM contents [ 78 ]. Also, the toxicity of metals in the environment is higher at a pH > 7.3 than at a pH

gm bagi bagi car pb major

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Bagi and Della are shocked when the four Dakota portrayer takes them to the reservation to meet with the head man. In a heated discussion, Bagi and Dewey are accused of stealing by the head man. A Dakota tracker arrives as Bagi and Della go to escape. The Dakota tracker is a very skilled tracker, but Bagi and Della escape.


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