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Mahanayak By Vishwas Patil Pdf Download

india has some of the strongest connections with the middle east and south-east asia, if there is any future, it will be found here. patils book seeks to present its readers with a pan-asian view of india and indians in the form of his fascinating characters, events and perspectives.

mahanayak by vishwas patil pdf download

in addition, patil brings back to life bombay in 1940, its street lamps, lanes and homes, and the quality of its dal and mutton curry. he captures the atmosphere of the indian coffee house in the city, with its subtle, esoteric atmosphere of intellect and intellectual enquiry, and the raucousness of its unruly occupants, from writers to film stars, down to ordinary men and women.

such a fine-tuned recreation of life in bombay is used as a backdrop to an enthralling drama, depicting the rousing phase of the ina, a unique political formation in india, resulting in a colourful and often turbulent history. his character studies are tantalising, as are the glimpses into the intimate life of sarat chandra bose, his recollections about the role of women in his life. this is not without a glimpse of the pasts of his major antagonists.

unlike the familiar fictional narratives, where there is always a happy ending, patil is an exception. he leaves all the nostalgia and glamour of the war intact: his uses a dramatic register of prose and turns his mahanayak into a thriller and a historical novel. this is owing to the overwhelming size of his canvas, of which the reader is not consciously aware until its reached the last pages.

however, this is not to say that the book does not offer a fair, balanced and often challenging view on all major issues, past, present and future, as it places bose s upbringing, his parents life, and their interactions, in their proper perspective, as a unique person of decisive political influence.


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