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Learn from a Legend: Chick Corea's A Work In Progress PDF 28 Edition

Chick Corea A Work In Progress Pdf 28

If you are a musician who wants to improve your skills, creativity, and understanding of music, you might want to check out a book by one of the most influential jazz pianists and composers of our time: Chick Corea. The book is called A Work In Progress ... On Being a Musician and it is a collection of essays, tips, exercises, and anecdotes that Chick Corea has written over the years to share his insights and experience with other musicians. In this article, we will explore what this book is about, how it came to be, what are its main themes and concepts, what are some of its practical tips and exercises, and what impact and legacy it has had on the music world.

Chick Corea A Work In Progress Pdf 28

The Origin and Evolution of the Book

How Chick Corea started writing his thoughts on music

Chick Corea is a legendary jazz pianist, composer, bandleader, and educator who has been active since the 1960s. He has played with some of the most renowned jazz artists such as Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, John McLaughlin, Stanley Clarke, Gary Burton, and many more. He has also led his own groups such as Return to Forever, The Elektric Band, The Akoustic Band, Origin, The Vigil, and others. He has won 23 Grammy Awards and 4 Latin Grammy Awards for his diverse and innovative musical output.

As a musician who has achieved so much in his career, Chick Corea has also been generous in sharing his knowledge and wisdom with other musicians. He started writing down his thoughts on music in the mid-1980s, when he realized that some of his advice could be helpful for others who were seeking his guidance. He wanted to answer the questions that he had been asked through the years, and to write down how he operates as a musician. He originally titled his notes Musician's Hat, which refers to one's profession, post, or job, or a description of what one does, especially the successful means one uses to accomplish the duties of a post or job.

How the book changed over time

Chick Corea revised and added new chapters to his notes several times, as he continued to learn new ways to do things and reform old ways. He regarded his writing as a work in progress, with the simple objective of continued improvement. He also received feedback and suggestions from other musicians who read his notes, and incorporated them into his revisions. He eventually renamed his notes A Work In Progress ... On Being a Musician, and published them as a book in 2002. He also created a website,, where he invited other musicians to ask him specific questions that he could answer in future editions of the book.

How the book reflects his musical journey

The book is not only a collection of Chick Corea's thoughts on music, but also a reflection of his musical journey. The book shows how he has grown and developed as a musician, how he has explored different styles and genres of music, how he has collaborated with other musicians, how he has faced challenges and overcome them, and how he has expressed his musical vision and personality. The book also reveals some of his influences and inspirations, such as L. Ron Hubbard, Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk, Mozart, Bach, and others. The book is a testament to Chick Corea's passion, curiosity, and dedication to music.

The Main Themes and Concepts of the Book

Musician's Hat

One of the main themes of the book is the concept of musician's hat. Chick Corea defines it as "a profession, post or job, or a description of what one does, especially the successful means one uses to accomplish the duties of a post or job." He explains that wearing a musician's hat means having a clear purpose and intention for being a musician, knowing what one wants to achieve and communicate with music, and having the skills and tools to do so. He also emphasizes that wearing a musician's hat means being responsible for one's own musical education and development, being able to learn from any source of information, being able to evaluate one's own progress and results, and being able to correct any errors or difficulties.

A Work In Progress

Another main theme of the book is the idea of being a work in progress. Chick Corea believes that learning is a constant activity that never ends, and that one can always improve one's musical abilities and understanding. He encourages musicians to be open-minded and curious about new things, to experiment and explore different possibilities, to challenge themselves and overcome their limitations, and to enjoy the process of discovery and creation. He also advises musicians to be humble and honest about their strengths and weaknesses, to seek feedback and advice from others, to acknowledge their mistakes and learn from them, and to celebrate their achievements and successes.

Definition of Art

The third main theme of the book is Chick Corea's definition of art. He quotes L. Ron Hubbard's definition: "Art is a word which summarizes the quality of communication." He explains that art is not only about creating something beautiful or pleasing, but also about communicating something meaningful or valuable. He says that art is a way of expressing one's ideas, emotions, experiences, or visions through a medium or form that can be perceived by others. He says that art is also a way of connecting with others who share similar interests or values. He says that art is ultimately a way of enhancing one's life and the lives of others.

The Practical Tips and Exercises of the Book

How to practice effectively

to classical, from Latin to electronic, and how he has blended them into his own unique sound. The book shows how he has collaborated with some of the most renowned musicians of his time, such as Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Gary Burton, John McLaughlin, Stanley Clarke, Bobby McFerrin, Béla Fleck, and many more. The book shows how he has innovated and experimented with different instruments and technologies, such as electric keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines, and loop pedals. The book shows how he has expressed his musical vision and personality with passion, curiosity, and joy.


In conclusion, A Work In Progress ... On Being a Musician by Chick Corea is a valuable and inspiring book for any musician who wants to improve their skills, creativity, and understanding of music. The book is a reflection of Chick Corea's musical journey and vision, as well as a guide for other musicians who want to follow his example or find their own way. The book covers many aspects of music, such as practicing, improvising, composing, performing, collaborating, learning, and teaching. The book also contains many practical tips and exercises that can help musicians develop their musical abilities and express their musical ideas. The book is not only a work in progress by Chick Corea, but also a work in progress for any musician who reads it.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the book:

  • Where can I find the book? You can find the book on Chick Corea's website (, where you can order a hard copy or download a PDF version. You can also find the book on Amazon or other online platforms.

  • What is the PDF 28 version? The PDF 28 version is the latest edition of the book that Chick Corea released in 2014. It contains 28 chapters that cover various topics related to music and being a musician.

  • Is the book suitable for beginners? The book is suitable for musicians of any level, from beginners to professionals. However, some of the concepts and exercises may require some prior knowledge or experience in music theory, technique, or style. The book is not meant to be a comprehensive or systematic course on music, but rather a collection of personal insights and suggestions that can be applied or adapted according to one's own needs and goals.

  • Is the book only for jazz musicians? The book is not only for jazz musicians, but for any musician who wants to learn from one of the most influential jazz pianists and composers of our time. Chick Corea's musical style and expression are not limited by genre or category, but rather encompass a wide range of musical influences and innovations. The book can be useful and inspiring for musicians who play or appreciate any kind of music.

  • What are some other books by Chick Corea? Some other books by Chick Corea are: - The Musician's Workbook: A Practical Guide to Creative Composition, which contains exercises and assignments on how to compose music. - The Musician's Coloring Book: An Interactive Guide to Harmony, which contains diagrams and illustrations on how to understand and apply harmony in music. - The Musician's Game: A Fun Way to Learn Music Theory, which contains cards and rules on how to play a game that teaches music theory.



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