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The film revolves around humorous observation of strictly platonic relationships as "just friends" or "just as best friends". It was shot in Regina and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.[3] Just Friends was released on November 23, 2005 and grossed over $50 million.

Just Friends

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He also sees Jamie, working as a bartender to pay for graduate school for teaching. Chris asks Mike to keep Samantha busy during his date with Jamie, but realizing their platonic friendship is important to him hampers his plan for them to have sex. During a friendly ice skating "day date", Chris is taken away in an ambulance after injuring himself during a hockey game with Jamie and a trio of kids (who dislike him). At the scene, Jamie is reunited with Dusty Dinkleman, a paramedic and former high school classmate also in love with her.

The next night, Chris goes to Jamie's Christmas party to express his feelings for her, but Dusty is already there, charming everyone on guitar. Back at Chris's, Samantha ambushes Mike, demanding he reveal Chris's location. He refuses until she gives him a kiss. In a rage, she drives to Jamie's, crashing through her fence and destroying the Christmas decorations. Chris returns home in embarrassment, and Jamie follows. She tells him she is not mad and they end up spending the night catching up and reminiscing. However, due to Chris's continuing lack of assertion, they end up just sleeping and nothing happens.

The next day, Jamie speaks with Darla about the night before, while Chris goes to Clark for advice. Jamie admits that while they are "just friends", she tried to show Chris she is interested in more. Clark tells Chris that "the timing wasn't right" and their history hinders him. Outside the office, Chris and Clark catch Dusty singing to a nurse and then kissing her. Dusty reveals his plans to have sex with Jamie and humiliate her in a way he felt she humiliated him in high school when he was attracted to her.

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The former model portrayed Jamie Palamino, who was best friends with Chris, but never thought of him anything other than a pal. She went on to star in 12 Dates of Christmas, Bad Country, The Single Moms Club, Love at First Glance, The Brawler and 13 Minutes. The California native had a recurring role on Robot Chicken, Shameless and Justified before landing the role of Barbara Whitmore on Stargirl in 2020.

Marco goes to join Jackie just as Love Sentence starts singing "Too Little Too Late", and Star leaves the concert auditorium alone. With a smile on her face, she uses dark magic from her magic wand to destroy a Love Sentence billboard.

Returning now with the bleached blonde under his arm, the slimmed-down wannabe who has upgraded his status to important music producer, decides the unexpected overnight stop may be the perfect opportunity to reconnect with his former flame Jamie (Amy Smart) and some other old friends. He also drops in on his scatterbrained mother and brother Dusty (Chris Klein)... mostly because he needs a somewhere to stay.

Parents need to know that Just Friends is crude, and there are frequent sexual allusions (to masturbation, genitals, and other sexual activities). It moves beyond satire to vulgar cruelty as it lampoons women, homosexuals, and just about everyone else. Characters smoke cigarettes and drink; one character appears "high" after she taking Vicodin. An Ashlee Simpson-styled pop singer wears revealing clothing (tight and midriff-revealing tops) and attempts to seduce a high school student. The film includes frequent "New Jersey" jokes along with a bit of mild cursing (including half a "f--k").

JUST FRIENDS begins at high school graduation when overweight Chris (Ryan Reynolds) tells his friend Jamie (Amy Smart) that he wants to be "more than friends." But this isn't in the cards. Ten years later, Chris is a thin, successful L.A. music industry executive and callow ladies man. At Christmas time, he's transporting singer Samantha (Anna Faris), who wants to hook up with Chris, to Europe. When the plane is detained in New Jersey, Chris discovers Jamie working at a local bar, whereupon he decides that he'll "get even," by seducing and abandoning her. This leads to several awkward situations and physical humor. Soon, Chris realizes that he really does love her, and so endeavors to impress her in earnest. At this point, old rival for Jamie's affection shows up -- former stutterer Dusty Dinkleman (Chris Klein), who is now dashing and utterly devious.

Just Friends have announced a new album, HELLA, due March 4 via Pure Noise (pre-order). If you're unfamiliar with the band, they sound straight out of the early '90s Lollapalooza era, with a multi-genre sound that pulls from punk, rap, metal, ska, reggae, funk, indie rock, and more, and constantly changes from song to song. The album includes recent singles "Sunflower" and "Stupid" (ft. Lil B), as well as the just-released "Basic" (ft. Lil B and Hobo Johnson). The new one has a chilled-out, horn-fueled, California reggae/ska/punk/rap vibe that sounds more than a little like classic Sublime. If you've got a place in your heart for that kinda thing, listen and watch the video for "Basic" below.

Min Soo is on leave from the military and visits his boyfriend Seok Yi. While having fun out on the town, they run into Min Soo's mother! When Min Soo's mother asks about their relationship, Seok Yi replies "... just friends." Making things more complicated, Min Soo's mother ends up sleeping with them that night! (Source: AsianWiki) 29 minute film duration, plus an additional 25 minutes of behind the scenes footage on some versions. Edit Translation

Being "just friends" with someone from the opposite sex that you can just hang out with, while avoiding all the boyfriend/girlfriend drama, can be a real blessing. I wish every teenager and young adult could experience a friendship with someone from the opposite sex with no strings attached. It's possible to have a "just friends" relationship, but so many people are looking for that perfect romantic one. That boyfriend or girlfriend that's going to sweep them off their feet and they will live happily ever after. In the meantime, they lose out on all the good times a relationship that's "just friends" could bring them.

The comments I received about the advantages of being "just friends" fell into two primary categories. The first four reasons point out that these relationships tend to be genuine, supportive, quality relationships that you can depend on. The next three reasons have to do with the benefits of having no "romantic" pressure.

1. You tend to respect your friends more than the people you randomly date. People who have Just Friends relationships tend to take care of their friends more than people they just randomly date. I'm best friends with a guy named Mikey and he's awesome. We respect each other. We know that we don't want anything to ruin what we have. (Angelica)

2. "Just Friend" relationships tend to be more like brother/sister relationships. Everybody needs a brother or sister, but let's just suppose for a moment that you're a guy who doesn't have a sister or a girl who doesn't have a brother. Or perhaps you don't relate well to your brother or sister. Just Friends can help fill the gap for those who have never experienced a good brother or sister relationship. Just Friends' is like having a brother or a sister for those who didn't have a sibling of the opposite sex. (Christy) By the way, if you have a good relationship with your brother or sister, you are truly blessed.

4. "Just Friends" often protect each other. I have always been amazed at how real friends will protect each other no matter what. "Just Friends" may fight amongst themselves, but if someone else tries to step in against one of the friends, the other will protect his/her best friend to the end. I have noticed how best friends who are guys are extremely protective over their best friend girl. This desire to protect is not some way to control and manipulate the girl. It comes out of real love and friendship. It's a good feeling to know there is a Just Friend who's got your back. My best friend is more than a best friend, she's more like a sister. And she feels that same way. We both have each other's back now and forever. (Narda)

6. There is no sexual pressure. In a recent survey, 61% of all teenage girls say they are pressured to have sex. Guys aren't pressured to have sex as much by girls, but some still are. Being pressured to have sex can be a very difficult experience. If you're dating somebody and really like him/her, there are all kinds of fears of losing your bf/gf. In the end, some bargain away their bodies in their attempt to keep the relationship going. That's sure a crummy way of staying in a relationship. But with "Just Friends", you don't have all that pressure. You can relax and just enjoy the friendship with no sexual strings attached. What a stress reliever that is! It's so nice to just hang with guys who are "Just Friends" and not have any sexual stuff in between. It has never been that way between any of us! (Jenn) I'm amazed at how many people pressure their dating partner to go against their value system and do something sexual the other partner doesn't want to do. 041b061a72


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