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Buy Used Car Warranty Online

A quality warranty from a reputable company can be worthwhile, but you'll want to do some research first to see whether you're getting a good deal or wasting money. After all, warranty extensions are highly profitable for the companies that offer them.

buy used car warranty online

Unfortunately, there are a lot of warranty scams out there, and even those warranties offered by new and used car dealers can have a lot of strings attached. A quick web search of the name of the warranty you're looking to buy can be a good start, but even then, you'll likely want to read through the fine print.

One of the most common catches is a warranty that will only cover or reimburse for services performed at a particular chain or network of repair shops. Unless you are comfortable with having a particular shop work on your vehicle for the entirety of the warranty, this is likely a deal-breaker.

You'll also want to look at just how broad the coverage is. An extended warranty generally will not provide the same level of coverage as the original warranty provided by the car manufacturer when the vehicle was new. Instead, the extended warranty may only look at powertrain components (engine, transmission, and axles), leaving you out of luck if, say, one of the power window switches fails or the infotainment display goes blank.

There is no firm line in the sand when it comes to extended warranty coverage for a used car. Even a vehicle with a good reliability record, a clean pre-purchase inspection, and a stack of records showing meticulous care from its previous owner can have a costly item fail.

Looking at reliability ratings when you purchase a used car can give you a glimpse into whether the car will need major repairs over the course of an extended warranty. Of course, warranty providers know this, and they price their products accordingly. A warranty for a complicated, less-reliable model is most likely going to cost more than similar coverage for a simple car with a stellar reputation.

You'll also want to look closely at the amount of factory-backed coverage still remaining on a used car you currently own or plan to buy. Powertrain warranties, in particular, can often run longer than the standard "bumper-to-bumper" coverage that replaces electrical and trim components. To find out how much coverage is left, call a dealership service department or the customer service hotline for the manufacturer and provide them with the 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN).

You can, however, prepare to repair the items that commonly fail in your vehicle. From there, you can contact shops for an estimate of how much those items might cost to replace. If a sensor failure commonly occurs around 50,000 miles and it costs $500 to replace, then you know the warranty will at least cover that item.

Most used car extended warranties will require you to shell out a deductible with every claim. A higher deductible will make for a less costly warranty, but it can also invalidate the peace of mind provided by the coverage, especially if you use it often.

Similarly, some warranties will refund you at least a small amount of money if you cancel the warranty before its expiration date. If you plan to sell or trade your car before the warranty expires, you may be able to get a refund.

Finally, if there's a particular component that you know is a vehicle's Achilles' heel when it comes to reliability, there's always a chance that the automaker is aware of this and has extended its own warranty to cover repairs down the road. Asking a dealership or a customer service hotline about extended coverage for any specific components may save you a bundle.

The Used Car Lemon law provides a legal remedy for consumers who are buyers or lessees of used cars that turn out to be lemons. The law requires dealers to give consumers a written warranty. Under this warranty, dealers must repair, free of charge, any defect in covered parts. If the dealer is unable to repair the car after a reasonable number of attempts, the consumer is entitled to a full refund.

Tesla used vehicles are covered by the remainder of 4 years or 50,000 miles left on the Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty. After expiration, the Used Vehicle Limited Warranty provides additional coverage of 1 year or 10,000 miles. If the Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty has already expired, the Used Vehicle Limited Warranty will provide coverage of 1 year or 10,000 miles, starting from your delivery date.

Repair or replacement of Tesla-branded parts purchased directly from Tesla, over-the-counter, online or purchased and installed by Tesla Service or a Tesla Collision Center, may be covered under the Tesla Parts, Body & Paint Repair Limited Warranty.

The Tesla Parts, Body & Paint Repair Limited Warranty begins on the purchase date of the part(s), and coverage extends for a period of 12 months or 12,500 miles, which ever comes first. Specific categories of parts have unique warranty coverage periods:

Used Tesla vehicles are eligible for various connectivity trials. Eligibility for connectivity plans varies based on vehicle model and date of purchase. View which connectivity plans apply to your used Tesla vehicle.

We recommend scheduling a demo drive at your local Tesla store. If your local store has used vehicles available for a demo drive, a Tesla Advisor can assist you in scheduling an appointment. Since used vehicles are available for purchase online, we cannot guarantee the availability of a particular vehicle for your demo drive appointment.

Every used Tesla vehicle has passed an internal inspection and may undergo, or is currently undergoing, light repairs to be prepared for sale. Cosmetic imperfections and normal wear and tear indicative of the age and mileage of the vehicle should be expected.

Cosmetic wear and tear is typical of a used vehicle and does not affect the functionality of the vehicle. Your vehicle may exhibit cosmetic wear and tear that includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Under the Massachusetts Lemon Laws, you may be eligible for compensation for your used vehicle if it has at least one qualifying defect that impairs its use or safety. The car must have been purchased from a Massachusetts dealer and be used for personal or family purposes (i.e. not used primarily for business). In Massachusetts, a dealer is defined as someone who sells more than 3 cars in a 12-month period, even if they do not have a valid used car dealer license.

The warranty cannot be waived. If the dealer does not provide you with the warranty, or gives you one that is incomplete or inaccurate, you are still entitled to warranty repairs but your term of protection extends past the original warranty period.

The dealer cannot charge you more than $100 total for warranty repairs, no matter how many defects are subject to repair, and they can only charge you that $100 if they clearly indicate it on your copy of the Limited Used Vehicle Warranty.

If you've confirmed that your vehicle is eligible under the Lemon Law and still within it's warranty period, the selling dealer is required to accept the vehicle within 3 business days of a telephone or written request for repair. The selling dealer cannot deny your repair request, but they can arrange for another shop to make the repairs on their behalf.

Buying a car is a major purchase; it is also usually a complex transaction involving a contract, financing, and a warranty. You will want to think carefully about each of these aspects of your decision. You will also want to be aware of some specific protections are available to you under the law.

First you must choose between buying a new car and buying a used car. A new car may cost more but will come with a longer warranty and no history of abuse or neglect. However, new cars depreciate (lose value) almost immediately when they leave the new car lot, which means that if you can find a well-cared-for used car, it might be a good bargain.

Consider the price of the car. This sounds obvious, but car dealers, new or used, may tempt you with a low monthly payment. You should be sure to look at the total price of the car, including interest.

Don't just assume you will finance through the dealer. Sometimes, you can get better financing from your bank or credit union. You should also check your credit score before you go shopping as this can affect the terms such as the interest rate you are offered. By shopping around, you may be able to negotiate a better deal. Note that Texas law sets maximum interest rates for financing used cars. The rates vary according to the age of the car and the amount owed on it.

Get all promises about service and guarantees in writing in the contract and in the final copy of the buyer's guide. If you were promised something but it is not in writing, do not sign. If the seller offers a warranty, it must be in writing for it to be valid.

All used car dealers are required by federal law to tell buyers whether a used car is being sold with or without a warranty. Dealers must clearly display this information on a side window of each used car. This buyer's guide, or window form, should state either:

The law prohibits rolling back or changing the number of miles on an odometer. Texas law requires the seller of any used vehicle to state on the title assignment the total number of miles the vehicle has traveled. Make sure you get a copy of the odometer statement when you sign the contract.

Important note on imagery & specification. The global shortage of semiconductors is currently affecting vehicle build specifications, option availability, and build timings. This is a very dynamic situation, and as a result imagery used within the website at present may not fully reflect current specifications for features, options, trim and colour schemes. Please consult your Retailer who will be able to confirm any current restrictions with you in order to allow an informed choice.

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