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Millennials | Young Professionals

Millennials. What haven't you heard about  your generation?

The truth is, millennials get a bad rep from the media for being entitled and self-absorbed. We believe this is an over generalization that overlooks the unique dilemmas that millennials face. Whether it is the desire for stronger, more valuable relationships, a thriving career, or simply coping with the pressures of life, Mindwerks Clinic is here to help. 


You Are Not Alone in this Struggle!

You don't have to let feelings of anxiousness and fear get in the way of following your dreams, and a little help can go a long way! Clinicians at Mindwerks Clinic are experienced in addressing a range of difficulties commonly expressed by young adults:

  • Academic/professional challenges

  • Social Development

  • Low Self Esteem and Poor Self Confidence

  • Lack of Motivation

  • Trauma

  • Grief and Loss

  • Depression and Anxiety Disorders

  • Limited Distress Tolerance, Impulsivity, and Entitlement

  • Marriage issues

  • Family conflict

  • Negative Peer Group Problems

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